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Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Recently, I was faced with a very interesting problem. I had developed a complex dataset. Beside that there are more than 200 reports using a live connection to this dataset. A report’s user had come and asked for negating a Boolean value of a column – because I had misunderstood the meaning of the column. To fix the bug in the dataset is a simple task. But how to find all the reports which are using this column in a visual, a measure, or a filter? I must fix all of them, too. How to identify all those reports? That is my topic today.


Super User
Super User

Whenever we have geography data, the first thing we want to have is a map visual. In sales data, we can have different brands or categories topping the state, based on different measures. We will try to color the map based on topper/winner, same as what we see in the election with the winner part color on a state.


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