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Year in Review: Featured Entry

As the “Year in Review” contest starts to wrap up, check out this week’s featured entry!


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been in the media spotlight lately, and @DataChant’s report provides a great break down of certain “what-if” scenarios.




Nice work, DataChant! 




Have a last-minute entry to submit? You still have a little time! See the official announcement for complete rules and enter for a chance to win.

Advocate I

What is the criteria that you are using to select one post from the others.

This is not fair!

Your are giving veiwers and kudos to what you like?????



Thanks for reaching out! 


We are highlighting projects that have captured the spirit of the contest and have met the criteria outlined in the rules in hopes that these projects will inspire others to participate in the contest. Please review the Official Rules for details on how entries will be evaluated by the judging panel to determine final prize winners.

Advocate I

Your answer doesn't make sense; the post saying the judge will decide based on ..... to give the prize.

but it dose n't mention that you highlight what ever you like!


Advocate I

I know that I will not get anything becuase of my comments ;

But if your honest enough you should highlight my report because it was up and running outline since April 2017 to cover the whole 2017 , not just build it because of the contest.




Hello SR -- My name is Jason; I'm one of the first-round judges of the contest.


I want to tell you that we're all completely aware of your entry, see it as relevant and timely, and have had our eye on it since the day you entered it into the contest. Thank you very much for submitting this entry. I personally have enjoyed exploring the report you created and the insights it uncovers, and very much look forward to it being one of the entries the judges will be considering at the close of entry submissions, about 13 hours from now.


I assure you, your comments will have absolutely no impact on how your entry is judged.


I completely understand, and am sorry to hear, you are disappointed that your entry was not highlighted in this post. At the time we chose the cryptocurrency entry that is highlighted, it had the most kudos in the contest. (And to this day, it remains in the number two position, behind a late entry -- Climate Change is Real -- which is getting remarkable interest from the community.) It also bears mention that the judges are not providing upvote kudos to any of the entries; we are just silently watching from the sidelines.


Again, your entry is excellent and will be judged according to the Official Rules. I encourage you to promote your entry on social media so its kudos from the community increase in the time remaining and improve your entry's score.


Thank you again, @SR. And good luck.


-- Jason



There's some amazing entries on there....Jason et al - you guys have a touch job on your hands! 


To the point raised in this thread though, it'd probably be fairer to just list all the (new) entries and give a one-line description about each/what you guys like about it (to help people decide where to place their votes) rather than singling out a single entry each week!


@SR - just gave a thumbs up to your entry, good luck 🙂

* tough job!


By the way I also made a typo on my submission - the first paragraph should read VentureBeat not VentureBase! Is it possible to get this corrected please?





@rsaprano I've corrected the spelling error. 


Good luck!

Hello, We have contributed in this year in review contest. We took this opportunity to make a large communication inside our company and encourage colleagues to go look and discover Power Bi. Now people ask me some feedback and results of the contest. Do you planned to communicate some results soon ? Thank you,

@GaëlleHervé, thanks for reaching out!


The winners were announced on February 15th in this post.


Thanks so much for participating!



Community Manager