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Last week there were some great conversations in the Power BI Community Forums. From troubleshooting, to best practices, to step-by-step tutorials, you’ve all contributed some valuable content and made this place a great resource for fellow Power BI users around the globe. So, in the spirit of celebrating community, we thought we’d start a weekly blog post shouting out some of our top-kudoed authors, new members, and lively conversations from the previous week. Without further ado:


Top Kudoed Authors:


@v-yulgu-msft - 18
@Zubair_Muhammad - 18
@Phil_Seamark - 16
@Greg_Deckler - 15
@v-ljerr-msft - 12
@parry2k - 11
@v-chuncz-msft - 11
@v-shex-msft - 10
@Ashish_Mathur - 10 


Top 10 Viewed Threads:


AND IF in conditional column 

Download Power BI on Mac 

Object reference not set to an instance of an object 

If text column CONTAINS specified value, give me what I want 

Using a REST API as a data source 

DAX Function for COUNTIF and/or CALCULATE 

Create a Calculated Column from Different Tables 

Create a new table from columns from existing tables 

How to display only the top 10 values in a chart 

How do I pass parameters to my SQL statement? 


Most Active Threads:


Exploring Social Network graph Usage 

how to create a query that paginates? 

Help needed graphing a count between a date range 

How to display last three quarters and QTD for current Quarter in Column chart 

Countif with multiple criteria 

Unable to run multiple text search in string to create a new column, even via Switch 

DATEDIFF between Rows and GROUP BY 

Find a date between 2 tables based on a range of dates 

Attribute Slicer unable to load 

Publish button on Power BI Desktop november is not working  


And finally we’d like to welcome some of our (randomly selected) new members from the 581 that joined our ranks in the last week: @zgoodman, @wgcox, @vencenz, @spocx, @Nick_Church, @mdrewfs1


Want to see your name on the kudo leaderboard next week?  Be sure to ‘kudo’ content that you find useful, and you’ll notice your fellow community members doing the same!


Thanks for being the best part of this community!