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Thank You for 5 Years


Next week will mark 5 years of Power BI. To commemorate this milestone, we're hosting an online event to thank the Power BI Community for their dedication and amazing contributions.

We're inviting you to join us and share this special moment together to acknowledge the vibrant Power BI Community who has helped empower so many people around the world with their knowledge, support and feedback to make Power BI the world's leading BI platform.

Who knows... you might get an opportunity to interact with a couple of your favorite Power BI people during the event.

We're also giving away 100 vintage inspired T-shirts!  Here's how to qualify for a chance to win:


  • Show how Power BI has empowered you or others by posting your Power BI report in the Data Stories Gallery. 
  • Select the "PBI Anniversary" category from the drop down list when making your post
  • Deadline: Midnight PDT on 31 July 2020

Winners will randomly be chosen from the qualified posts.


Let's start the weekend off with a sneak peek of the T-shirt!  


The "Thank You for 5 Years" event will take place on Thursday, 23 July, 2020 at 10:00 AM PDT – 11:00 AM PDT. 

You can also join using the direct link here:


Looking forward to seeing you there!

Power BI team at Microsoft


I started on Power BI in 2016 Jan , saw it for the first time at Cortan conference in 2015. Today I presented almost 120 events at DIAD and Power BI has become an important part of the work i do every day for fun, learning something new, mentor someone.. 5 and Powerful Power BI

Awesome, sure , will be there!

Nice to see all the old names.  Where's Rob Collie 🙂

Cheers to 5 great years!

I'm brand new to Power BI, you guys have helped me so much in getting started and learning new things all the time! Gone from Excel 24/7 to living in Power BI and I love it


It's been fun five years as a part of the community.  Being able to see my own ideas being implemented thru the community is amazing.

My favorite feature is the ability to connect so many data sources and the flexibility within it.

I started using PowerPivot, then hired an intern that shared my passion for Excel during the Power BI release. We scrapped all his other Accounting projects and just spent time daily emmersing ourselves in Power BI and DAX. He is now a Power BI developer in Colorado, and I continue working daily in the product. 

Our biggest 'win' with Power BI has been to bring data stortelling to Auto Body shops around the US. Power BI just empowers and engages people in a way that other reports can't. 

I'm thankful for the community, the technical knowlege, and how Power BI pushes me out in front of people to share a data story.


Thanks for the opprotunity!
Mark Walter

Cheers to an amazing 5 years! We've had the pleasure of working with so many of our Power BI partners to deliver amazing Dashboard in a Day workshops to a multitude of customers. Looking forward to the years to come!

   I started using PowerBI on Jun.2020.Before using it ,I always need to prepare a lot of reports by Excel,ppt every day ,every week and every month.That is really a lot of work and a lot of repeated work.I was trapped before I found this amazing tool PowerBI and Power Query. And I love it immediately. It is really change my life. Now I just need to add the data to my Excel file and refresh in Power BI, done! Now I can focus on core business to make a decision.That is awesome.Thank to Power BI, I can not do it without you.

    I want to share one information to all , I introduced PowerBI to my boss and my collegues, they all love it. "Nice!" Said my boss. "That is amazing !" My collegues told me.And now I am teaching them how to do it. I think we will get more and more better .

   Thanks Power BI. Hashtag Power Bi 5 !  Thank you ,@KellyK @Nikolina_K @mwaltercpa @Anonymous @Powelly13 







Hi @KellyK and all!  I was really excited to post my Power BI file to the Data Stories Gallery for this sweet t-shirt giveaway.  However, I'm receiving an error because I don't have a Power BI Publish to Web URL.  I don't even know what you mean by that, so I clicked on the Learn More link next to it and it takes me to a page that says I don't have permission to view it.  From the best I can tell after searching online, you're looking for the public URL of my report published to my company's Power BI Service.  However, my company doesn't have that feature turned on, so I can't do it.  I've clearly gone through many steps and simply cannot publish my report to your Gallery!!  See my error below.  I sure hope I can still get in the giveaway!  😞Power BI Gallery error.png


Hi @Anonymous 

I had the same issue. So you could do like I did. Post a colleague of some things you've done that is awesome. I blurred out the sensitive information, but was able to show the spirit of the tool.


Thanks @Anonymous , but where are you talking about posting that image?  This says you need to post to the Data Stories Gallery, which no matter what type of file I attach, still requires a Power BI Publish to Web URL, which doesn't work for me.



I posted this link as my link, with hopes that they would understand that my company blocks this feature for security purposes.

Hi, When are we going to know who got the awesome t-shirts? 

OMG!!! I'm so thrilled!! 🎉😍


I can't believe I won a T-shirt and a special mention!!


Thank you @KellyK  and Power BI Team!!


This is just the beginning 😉