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Power Hour Contest

At the Microsoft Business Applications Summit, our popular Power Hour session features all the wacky, frequently unseemly, and generally funny things members of our product team have created with Power BI. We’re opening a contest and it’s your turn to show us the crazy things you can build with the flexibility of Power BI.


Here’s what you need to know to get started!


What are we looking for?

  • Innovative ways to use Power BI
  • The data in the report needs to be data that can be shared publicly
  • While the report does not have to be related to a business use case, it is preferred that the report still showcases relatable Power BI feature usage i.e. What are trends in dog popularity in downtown Seattle?
  • Feel free to collaborate with other members of the community! Just make sure to indicate in your submission your collaborators.


How to enter?

To enter the contest, submit your report to the Data Stories Gallery on the Power BI Community. In your submission, you will need to tag it with the “Power Hour” contest tag. Our panel of judges will evaluate the entries, and the winners will have the opportunity to be featured at the 2020 Microsoft Business Applications Summit!

Judging criteria will focus on creativity, presentation, and excellent use of Power BI.

Make sure to highlight the features and insights that we should look for. You can write a script of how to walk through your report or create a video. We want you to showcase your work in whatever method would be best to make it shine.


Entry Deadline

April 12, 11:59 PM PST


Need inspiration?

Check out videos from our past Power Hour sessions:

2019 MBAS Power Hour

Here are some sites to find a dataset that might appeal to you:


Here’s a dataset you can use to get started: Recipes and Interactions from Kaggle



Sounds awsome! Really wish I could enter, but that wouldn't fair now would it?


I bet I could find a bunch of my coworkers in Azure and show you how to really leaverage the power of the cloud for building reports.