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Power BI Spanish Forum

Hey all!


My name is Miguel Escobar. A bit over a year ago, I started a forum through my company (Powered Solutions), primarily focused on topics related to Power BI, Power Query and PowerPivot completely in Spanish

Yes! Just as you read it: A free community forum available for anyone in the Spanish-speaking community where we helped each other answer daily inquiries from all levels of complexity.


All this effort arose because there was no free community or public forum for topics related to Power BI, nor was there much content published in Spanish for these topics compared to what exists in English.


We understood very well the impact of having an active community and content created in Spanish for a tool like Power BI / Power Query / PowerPivot and that is why we took a stand on this matter to have a positive impact on Spanish-speaking users who are looking for this type of community and content.

Thus, at the end of 2018, our campaign for the Spanish-speaking community at the international level emerged, where the forum was one of the main contributions.


During all this time that the forum was active, I was always in contact with the Microsoft team so that they could monitor the impact of the forum. I hope that the forum has served as a sample of what an official Power BI forum in Spanish could be.


On an ordinary day like today, I get excellent news - the Microsoft team has a new system that can be implemented on the official Power BI forum / community (which was only in English) to be able to make syndicated content or, to put it another way, having a forum / community entirely in Spanish, that could later be translated into English and the content in English could be translated into Spanish through this content syndication system.


For the past few weeks, I have been in discussions with the Microsoft team to test this system and just today this new forum / community and system have been launched.


Please visit the Spanish forum threads here:


This was always my goal. That the forum / community was under the domain of Microsoft, known as the official one for Power BI and I think that this syndication system is the ideal one.


This post is just a little personal blog that I want to share with everyone to give you a little more context on how we got to where we are right now.


Due to this great new effort by the Microsoft team, and to merge communities that do not compete, I have decided to shut down the Powered Solutions forum to make way for this new forum in Spanish.


I want to thank all the people who registered and participated in the Powered Solutions Spanish forum and I hope they register and become active members of this new site.


Here are some general statistics of the forum during the time it was active:

  • ~677 registered users
  • ~500 topics created
  • ~2K messages published
  • ~57 users online at the same time, our highest connected user count!


Again, thanks to all who supported us throughout this time and to the new members for being part of this great global Spanish community of Power BI.


If you have any questions, feedback or requests, please reply to this post.  We are collecting feedback for future enhancements!


-Miguel Escobar

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