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Power BI Dev Camp: January 28th -Learn to Develop Custom Visuals

I am looking forward to preparing and presenting 12 more great Power BI Dev Camp sessions in 2021. In our first camp session of the year on January 28th, campers will learn how to get started designing and implementing custom visuals for Power BI. The session examines the Power BI Visuals API that Microsoft created to assist in the development of custom visuals. Campers will learn how to define the capabilities and data mappings for a custom visual and how to program D3-style data binding using categorical data from a Power BI dataset.

The session also demonstrates how to extend a visual with custom properties as well as how to take advantage of the powerful utility classes that are included along with the Power BI Visuals API. Along the way, campers will learn how to package a custom visual as a PBIVIZ file for distribution and how to add custom visuals to Power BI Desktop projects as well as how to publish custom visuals at organization scope. Along the way, campers will also learn how to configure the new support for debugging custom visuals inside of Power BI Desktop.