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Power BI Dev Camp | April 28th, 2022: Report Authoring and Customization with Power BI Embedding

The April 2022 session of Power BI Dev Camp has been designed to teach developers how to leverage Power BI embedding features for report authoring and customization. Campers will learn how to create a self-service authoring experience using the Power BI report designer by embedding reports in edit mode. Campers will also learn how to program the Power BI JavaScript Authoring API to automate the process of adding pages and visuals to an existing report. Along the way, this session will also explore other report customization techniques such as using custom bookmarks, custom report layouts, and custom report themes.

Camper Prerequisites: Campers should have basic knowledge of developing with Power BI embedding and programming with the Power BI JavaScript API.

Date and time: Thursday, April 28 at 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST