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Power BI Challenge 9 - Wrap Up!

Power BI Challenge 9- Currency Conversion and More Wrap Up from one of Enterprise DNA's Interns, Haroon.


Hello to all challengers and fellow Power BI enthusiasts another couple of weeks seem to have flown by.


I’ve been super busy with all the changes around the pandemic and have been working on some Covid-19 reporting, it’s given me a great idea for a future challenge so watch this space.


It’s also been all hands-on deck on the Enterprise DNA front with so much going on this past week. We completed our awesome business intelligence summit, there was also some great content released around the analyst hub, teamed with forum posts around machine learning and where to start.


Oh and did I mention the release of the first ever episode of “The Analytic Mind” by Enterprise DNA. The podcast is a game changer from Enterprise DNA looking at all things Power BI and data. The first episode is looking at integrating a data culture into an organisation with our very own Brian Julius. Its well worth a listen in my opinion but i’ll let you judge it for yourself. See the link below.


2020-11-25 (2).png


Back to the main event, the challenge! The 9th instalment did not fail to disappoint another demonstration of the awesome community we have and are developing. The standard of work being produced is truly outstanding.


The creativity, vision, craft and stories being told in the entries is astounding and a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to understand what Power BI is and the possibilities.


I want to applaud and congratulate all entrants for taking the time out to get in involved in these challenges and providing so many of us the incredible learning opportunities.


I think one thing that I feel is necessary for me to mention and reiterate every week is the benefits of participating and the impact it can have on your development. We at Enterprise DNA truly believe that getting hands on and practicing with real scenarios is the fastest way to mastery. So I again encourage you all to try and get involved with the challenge in some capacity.


We’ve got some exciting and innovative things lined up for the challenge so please do get involved.


The winner


I seem to have exhausted my vocabulary and thesaurus for superlatives to describe the work being produced in these challenges. I know I might sound like a broken record here but the quality on display is astonishing. Some very detailed and powerful analysis teamed with some great story telling.


This week’s challenge was no easy ask it was a tough dataset that covered a lot of techniques across the Power BI stack. It required a blend of power query, DAX and visualisations in order to deliver the end goal.


A massive well done to all of you who participated.


Picking the winner is never an easy task. As a developer myself I know the time and effort that it takes to produce a compelling report. I always like to look holistically at the solution and sometimes remove myself from being in a developer mindset.


When reviewing challenges, it’s sometimes easy for me to get enthralled into looking at all the specific mechanics of building a good data model the calculations produced as the geek in me comes to the fore and I love exploring the techniques you guys are implementing.


However we also know that the technical details and analysis alone don’t make for a great report.


It’s answering the question that is being asked of that data and presenting that back to the business in a meaningful way that they can base their decisions upon.


This week’s winner delivered all this and some in their report. It really was a masterful delivery from a one…… Alex Badiu. A truly stunning report. Well done Alex an excellent delivery. Truly masterful user experience and interface. I think someone in the forum summed it beautifully ‘I’ve never seen someone able to provide so much information with so little on the page’ (Credit to whoever said it I agree). When playing with the report however you get analysis across several dimensions not to mention the data, people and process layer that Alex conjured up (I have already taken this idea into my work thanks Alex). Congratulations Alex Badiu.








There where some highly commended efforts from several others who ran Alex down to the wire from Nebiyu Sahlu, Zoe Douglas, Hideo Toyoda excellent work all around. 


First time participant Winner


Last challenge we launched our exciting new category for first time participant winner. Which is open to all members, all you must do is join the challenge and let us know it’s your first time participating.


The winner for this challenge was Craig Tysall some excellent analysis and a great first report. Welcome to the challenge and looking forward to seeing more of you in the coming challenges.


There was also a highly commended effort from Alexandre Letourneux a great first entry. See you on the next one.


There was also a superb entry from a non-member Rachwen with a great delivery. Great job and thanks for sharing with us.


Feel like I’ve been going on a while here!


A massive well done to all participants really appreciate you all getting involved.




Going to keep it short for this I think there are some excellent resources available within the Enterprise DNA platform around currency. I think around the specifics of this dataset I might do another post for those of you interested in hearing more about the background and scenario.




I look forward to welcoming more of you in the next challenge.


A massive well done again to Alex Badiu and all participants.


Remember any questions queries do not hesitate to get in touch.


Feel free to email for any queries.


Keep your eyes peeled for challenge 9 which will be released soon.