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Power BI Challenge 11 Wrap-Up: COVID-19 Reporting

We started the year with a Power BI Challenge that’s relevant to the world’s current situation. Now, we’ve wrapped up our first challenge of the year, which has, as always, delivered amazing results from our participants.


The 11th Power BI Challenge deal with COVID-19 reporting, which gives us a good overview of where the world now stands in the midst of this pandemic. With the use of actual data coming from the John Hopkins University (JHU), this is a great example of Power BI in action in a literal real-world situation.


Power BI Challenges


We have always aimed to show how dynamic Power BI is as a tool by covering different topics and industries in every challenge. This also helps develop the skills of our participants and allows them to practice the different tricks applicable to the tool with possible situations they might face at work in the future.




Our challenges are also open not just to Enterprise DNA members, but to non-members, too. This has helped us create such a collaborative community where we see people helping each other out and learning together regardless of membership status.


Another great thing that came out of these challenges is the Power BI Challenge Showcase. In the showcase, Enterprise DNA members can download the reports and dashboards that stand out in each of our challenges. You can then use the reports to practice your Power BI Skills using your own data.




But if there’s one thing that really makes us proud is the amount of progress we’re seeing in each of the participants. When the Power BI Challenge was fairly new, we saw newbies toughing it up and joining the challenges without hesitation. And guess what? As they go through one challenge after another, we see their submissions improving as well!


This is one reason why we encourage everyone to join in. No one is really ever “ready” for these things. Learning starts when you dive in and just do it. We even have a special prize for first-time participants to show you that we love seeing your work, no matter how rough you feel your reports are.


Of course, we’re always being asked how we come up with the winners. The team just looks at the four pillars of an effective Power BI report – data modeling, DAX calculations, loading and transforming data and reports and visualizations.


Winners get a complimentary membership to Enterprise DNA Online, which you can pass onto someone else if you’re already a member. A separate winner as also chosen among the non-members participating.


Challenge #11 Winners


Even Haroon admitted that this was a tough round. Participants wowed us once again with their ability to produce beautifully-designed work with so much insights. And just like before, we saw reports that we never thought could be possible! It only proves what an amazing group this is.


Let’s give a huge round of applause for the dream team we’re calling JMAP, a group composed of Brian Julius, Jarrett Moore, Mudassir Ali and Greg Philps. They truly deserve the title “Power BI Experts”!








It’s the first time we’re seeing a team submission and it totally makes sense why they used this approach. How else can you come up with a report this insightful than by putting four heads together?


If you want to try a group approach next time, the write up that these guys did can help you out. We appreciate them taking the time out to really go into the smallest details of how this report was conceptualized and created.


An awesome job to our winners and all the other participants whose submissions were just as brilliant!


If you want to make the challenges even more interesting by sponsoring a challenge or two, let us know! We also encourage everyone to spare us a minute or two to leave reviews on the write-ups and posts.


See you in the next Power BI Challenge and we hope that we’ll see more people jumping in to join the fun.


All the best,


Enterprise DNA Team