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Page Level Security in Power BI

In this post, we will seee how to implement Page Level Security in Power BI. Page Level Security indicates restricting access of few pages in the report with the users. Here's a work around to implement this:


Currently, we are considering 2 users. User 1 should be able to view only the External page where as User 2 can access both the pages (Internal as well as External). Firstly, create a disconnected table and put True/False values (Note: Conditions can vary based on the level of access to be provided) : 



Create a slicer and put Page name column in it. Add a forward arrow button too for page navigations:


Select the button, go to Actions -> Type: Page Navigation -> fx -> OK


With this logic, the page which is selected in the slicer it will redirect to that page after clicking the arrow button.

Note: It is necessary to select the page name (radio button) and then click on the arrow button for page navigation


Lastly, we need to implement RLS. Go to Modelling -> Manage Roles -> New Role -> OK



We can test the roles: Modelling -> View Role as -> Select the Role 

With this, we can restrict the access based on the users.