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One Chart – Two Insights! Power BI Line Chart Trick with Error Bars

In tutorial , I’ll show you how to make your Power BI Line Chart supercharged with Error-Bars. It sounds fancy, but don’t worry – it’s a fantastic way to compare budgets and actual numbers in one go. Whether you’re a data lover or just someone who wants clear charts, this is for you!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Master Line Charts: I’ll teach you some cool tricks to make your data look awesome.
  • Budget Comparison: Find out how to compare budgets and real numbers using just one chart.
  • Error-Bars Magic: Discover how Error-Bars can help you understand data differences better.
  • Tell Better Stories: Learn how to make your data talk and tell clear stories.

    Watch the video HERE 


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I am reaching out to solicit your expertise regarding an unexpected issue encountered while importing data from multiple Excel sheets into Power BI. Your insights will be immensely valued in resolving this matter.

Context: I am working with four distinct Excel sheets, each containing pertinent data intended to be combined and analyzed in Power BI. Each sheet is vital to achieving a holistic data visualization.


Issue: Unexpectedly, during the data loading process into Power BI, only data from two out of the four Excel sheets are successfully retrieved and visible in the resultant visualization. Specifically, the first and the last sheets selected during the preview and loading process appear to import correctly. Conversely, the two intermediate sheets, despite being selected and previewed, yield null values post-import, thereby impeding a comprehensive analysis.


To elaborate:


All four sheets were selected for importation and visually verified in the preview section.

The loading process does not surface any error messages, suggesting a seemingly successful import.

Post import, only data from the first and last selected sheets are available for visualization; the intermediate sheets display null values across all entries.

Initial Troubleshooting:


Assured that all data in the four Excel sheets were meticulously combined and loaded.

No errors or inconsistencies were identified within the Excel sheets.

The issue persists regardless of the specific sheets selected: it is consistently the first and last sheets that import successfully, while the intermediate sheets result in null values.

While the issue presents a notable obstacle, I am confident that the vast knowledge within this forum might shine a light on potential resolutions or workarounds. It is crucial to understand why Power BI is selectively importing data from the Excel sheets and how this can be mitigated to enable a thorough data visualization and analysis.


I will appreciate if anyone has a solution to this because almost all the video on youtube didn’t address this type of problem.