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New Visual – Decomposition Tree: November 2019

The wait is over. The November 2019 release has as a preview feature, the new visual – Decomposition Tree. I think everyone is waiting for this and, personally, I liked it.


Want to show hierarchical data? The Decomposition Tree is the answer instead of the Matrix visual. You can relate to this visual if you have used previous Microsoft tools/visuals. A new inspired version for Power BI is much clearer and without any images and background. Measure for analyzing data with multiple fields you can add to explain it. Any user can use this in the Power BI service with all functionality. Filter the entire dashboard by selecting a certain path, Dynamic view for the user and AI feature with a leader line.



How to enable the Decomposition Tree

Right now, this is a preview feature in Power Bi desktop, so you have to enable this.

File -> Options and Settings -> Options -> Preview Features -> Check “enable decomposition tree visual”



  • Lock level



  • AI feature – high /low value

        Use this feature for visual auto-detects and use a dotted leader line to differentiate





  • User-friendly – scroll zoom in/out
  • No scroll bars you can use an entire frame like a pane to move Decomposition Tree


What is needed:

    • %, count, distinct count calculation, text wrap or expand the width
    • Multiple selections within the visual for comparison
    • Each (explained by) field with a different color code option
    • More details regarding what to include and what not

    Let the Power BI team know on the Power BI Ideas page what additional functionality you are looking for to improve this visual.