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Learn Design Guidelines and Best Practices with Power BI Embedding

Tomorrow we are running a deep dive Power BI Dev Camp session where we'll examine important design issues and decisions that arise when developing with Power BI embedding. The session begins by comparing the User-Owns-Data development model with the App-Owns-Data development model and describes scenarios most appropriate for each. This session will examine best practices when developing with App-Owns-Data in terms of authentication, authorization and provisioning content in a multi-tenant environment. The session will also cover other Power BI embedding best practices including when to use service principal profiles, enabling self-service report authoring and securing data with RLS.


What attendees will learn:

  • How to choose between User-Owns-Data versus App-Owns-Data
  • How to authenticate and authorize users with App-Owns-Data embedding
  • Best practices in building a multi-tenant environment and provisioning content
  • Why, when and how to integrate service principal profiles into your application design
  • Adding self-service support for creating and editing embedded reports
  • Programming with EffectiveIdentity to secure data using Row Level Security (RLS)
  • Capturing telemetry data and monitoring usage with App-Owns-Data embedding

Prerequisites: Campers should already be familiar with the fundamental concepts and basic programming associated with Power BI embedding.


Date and Time: Thursday, March 30th at 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST


Attendee Link: