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How to use your Office Theme as Power BI Report Theme

Converting your Office Theme Colors to a Power BI Report Theme

Since importing the Office Theme Colors from "%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes\Theme Colors" is not possible, I have created an Excel file and some VBA that converts the selected Office Theme Colors into a Power BI Desktop Report Theme. Simply follow these four easy steps:


Step 1: Select the Office Theme Color

Select the color palette you want to convert via Page Layout > Themes > Colors

Select the color palette in the Page Layout tabSelect the color palette in the Page Layout tab












Step 2: Create the hexcode color codes

The Report Theme JSON file needs the color codes in hexadecimal format. Just click the button “Generate Hex-Codes for Colors” and a few lines of VBA will fill the cells D9 to D20. Since the JSON file needs the hexcodes in double quotes and prefixed by a hashtag, the VBA code adds them as well.


The Office Theme Colors and their corresponding hexcodesThe Office Theme Colors and their corresponding hexcodes
























Step 3: Name your theme

Enter a name for your theme in cell F18. The JSON file will be saved (see step 4) under this name so refrain from using special characters.


Step 4: Preview and save theme

The formula in B25 uses the hexcodes from cells D9 to D20 to create the text for the JSON file:


 Cell B25 shows a preview of your JSON fileCell B25 shows a preview of your JSON file










Now click the “Save as JSON” button and select a folder where you want to save it.


If you have any suggestions for improvements, I am more than happy to hear from you and implement them!


Dominik Petri


Hi, just to note that this didn't work for me. The Hex codes generated don't seem to be the correct ones as the colours generated in Power BI using the resulting json don't match the colours I see in the xlsm.

Did you click the button "Generate Hex Codes" before saving the JSON file? If yes, check if the Hex Codes in D9:D20 are the same as in the JSON preview in B25.


I just tried it and it did work perfectly as described above.


Best regards



 Thank you for useful information! Everything is working!

Best regards

I tried again. Here is the result.


Expirebox link


When I choose the them from Page Layout the colours in the sheet change to the correct colours. I click Generate Hex Codes and the codes change and are reflected in the JSON box at the bottom. I don't think the Hex codes are right though as they don't tally with the ones I have got from our brand people (and generate the wrong colours in Power BI)

The corrected v3 just got uploaded by the admin. The bug concerning the Hex Codes is now removed 🙂


Will work on v4 which will include some of the new stuff that's possible in the Report Theme as described in this Power BI blog post.


This is so very cool, thank you, Dominik! Works brilliantly!!


This is absolutely amaxing.  Thanks so much (from years later!)

Great tool! Exactly what I was looking for and increadibly easy to do!

Amazing tool and super easy to use. Thank you so much!

Tragam um troféu para esse cara!!!!


Excelente solução obrigado! @DominikPetri 

It works like a charm! Excellent job @DominikPetri