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How to use your Office Theme as Power BI Report Theme

Converting your Office Theme Colors to a Power BI Report Theme

Since importing the Office Theme Colors from "%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes\Theme Colors" is not possible, I have created an Excel file and some VBA that converts the selected Office Theme Colors into a Power BI Desktop Report Theme. Simply follow these four easy steps:


Step 1: Select the Office Theme Color

Select the color palette you want to convert via Page Layout > Themes > Colors

Select the color palette in the Page Layout tabSelect the color palette in the Page Layout tab












Step 2: Create the hexcode color codes

The Report Theme JSON file needs the color codes in hexadecimal format. Just click the button “Generate Hex-Codes for Colors” and a few lines of VBA will fill the cells D9 to D20. Since the JSON file needs the hexcodes in double quotes and prefixed by a hashtag, the VBA code adds them as well.


The Office Theme Colors and their corresponding hexcodesThe Office Theme Colors and their corresponding hexcodes
























Step 3: Name your theme

Enter a name for your theme in cell F18. The JSON file will be saved (see step 4) under this name so refrain from using special characters.


Step 4: Preview and save theme

The formula in B25 uses the hexcodes from cells D9 to D20 to create the text for the JSON file:


 Cell B25 shows a preview of your JSON fileCell B25 shows a preview of your JSON file










Now click the “Save as JSON” button and select a folder where you want to save it.


If you have any suggestions for improvements, I am more than happy to hear from you and implement them!


Dominik Petri