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How to provide sample data in the Power BI Forum

If you want to have your question answered quickly and avoid many back and forth, you should read this excellent article with lots of useful tips. One of them is providing sample data. To describe your problem, it is often very helpful if you make a screenshot of your table(s) and paint or annotate the logic you want to achieve. A picture is the perfect medium for it and everyone is allowed to upload those. However, in addition to that, sometimes the problem can best be solved by playing with the data or some sample data (if the original data is confidential or too large). There are some things to consider for doing so:


1) Uploading files

Especially when you have a problem with a DAX statement or the data model, it would be best to provide a pbix-file containing the sample data. You might have seen posts here in the forum where files are directly attached and have searched for the button to do exatly that. But unless you're a Microsoft employee or a super user this feature will not be available for you. Instead you have to upload your file to a cloud storage (like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive or Wetransfer for example) and paste the link to that storage location in the post.


2) Pasting tables into the post

Another way is to paste table(s) with the sample data directly into the post. If you do that, it's important that this results in proper HTML-tables because otherwise it will become difficult to copy that data into the tools to work upon. The following steps show how easy it is:


2a) Only take data that you've copied from a spreadsheet

Please don't copy the data directly from Power BI to the post. This will most likely mess up the headers and other elements as well.

Also, if your data comes from another webpage or wherever: Copy it first into a spreadsheet.

Select the data in the spreadsheet and copy it there.


2b) Use the "Table"-button to insert your data.





If you don't see that button, that means that the current web page is not fully rendered yet. Wait a bit for it to appear.


2c) Select just ONE field in the table

Table --> Table -> select just ONE (!) field (irrespective of the size of the copied data)




2d) Paste the copied table content 

Place your mouse into the box:





paste with Ctrl + V (or Strg + V)


2e) Check the results

The header row should be identifiable as such:




But if your data looks like so, something went wrong:




This is probably due to some messed up HTML formatting. I would start a new thread to paste this data instead. Close the current thread and give a hint that further content is coming. Pasting into a fresh thread should be the quickest way going forward.


Please have in mind that you cannot post very large tables directly into the post, as the size is limited to 20.000 characters per post. (Counting the characters in the HTML-code).


Anything I've missed? Please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks and stay queryious 😉




I am trying to substract the values based on one column to another column.


In the below table ID is having groups of Data,if the ID and the Cycle No is 1,and the faults are different the output should be 1.


If the Same ID and Cycle No are different faults are same then the output suould be substract with the same Cycle No (For Example ID:K09031 Cycle No:2 Fault: No then next Cycle No:6 same Fault: No then output should be 6-2=4 & ID:K09031 Cycle No:2 Fault: No then next Cycle No:8 same Fault: No then output should be 8-2=6)


If the Same ID and Cycle No are different faults are same then the output suould be substract with the same Cycle No (For Example ID:K11121 Cycle No:1 Fault: Damage then next Cycle No:3 same Fault: Damage then output should be 3-1=2 , ID:K11121 Cycle No:1 Fault: Damage then next Cycle No:5 same Fault: Damage then output should be 5-1=4, ID:K11121 Cycle No:1 Fault: Damage then next Cycle No:6 same Fault: Damage then output should be 6-1=5, ID:K11121 Cycle No:3 Fault: No then next Cycle No:6 same Fault: No then output should be 6-3=3 & ID:K11121 Cycle No:1 Fault: Edge then next Cycle No:6 same Fault: Edge then output should be 6-1=5)


Note: Here Id has indusival groups with cycle no's and different faults, that should substract with the same fault occurs in the same group with earlier cycle no has same fault occur.


An Example if my dataset is this with required Solution Column:


IdCycle NoFaultSolution Column






Anyone with some ideas on how to fix this? Manually is not an option as there are thousands of datapoints.


Thanks & Regards,



Hi guys, i need help for a situation. Before going to the problem, please understand the background.

Here is the data of students in Table 1 who have discontinued their study from university. I want to know in which semester student disconnected their study. I have dates when they leave but issue is this data for different batches. So for example, if a student admit in fall 16 and discontinued in Feb 2019 then he left the university in 6th semester but if a student is admit in fall 21 and discontinued in Sep 2021, it will count 1st semester. I need an automatic process because this data is coming live from a system.




Holdinga report.jpg

Hi everyone,

      i have a table the table name is holdings with five coulums i want to group by the columns ( product name, investor name, currency).  Here I need to get the month-end values from the "Holding Amount column, and I also same as month end dates in the Date column. Could you please have anyone help me?

i have question in power Bi, im working on hour compansation report, and there's agent already owe to the company hours and other are not, howvere they already working an extra hours, i need a fourmal in power Bi( Dax) or whatever its called to get the hours needs to be compansate for those who owe hours only not the rest of users, i tried IF Dax, however its not leading me to anything , heres below screenshot from the data




Hello, I am working with a small data set in power Bi where I have one date table as shown above. Since my Auto Intellegence is turned on, I am getting a hierarchy here that is awesome. This hierarchy includes year, quarter and month. 

Now I want to make a comparison any two years, or quarters, or months based on the dataset. That is why I created a comparison table, and I made the connection inactive. Then I used the DAX formula using All (to remove all filters from my main date table) and Userelationship between the comparison table and main date table. Then I calculated the sum of revenue for comparison. Everything is working fine, however when I was just comparing the revenue, I selected a slicer for my main date table, and another slicer for my comparison date table so that I can pick two different dates from these tables to compare. However, I am finding the following result :


I realized that when I just connect these two tables (Table1, and Comparison Calender), Immediately the hierarchy switched from Table1 to Com. Calender. Why is it switching? my comparison table now has the hierarchy (Year, Month, Quarter), but No hierarchy for my main date table named as (Table1). In the begining, main date table has the hierarchy, but now it has switched, Why? please help me out

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