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How to move multiple measures to a separate table at once

Whenever you create a new measure using the “New Measure” command in the “Modeling Tab”, you do not have control over which table the measure(s) goes to. Other than the fact that it automatically drops in the last table you had selected from the field’s pane.





If you would then prefer to change the location of this measure, the standard approach is to:

  1. Click on the name of the measure from the Fields Pane to select it.
  2. From the “Measure Tools” tab, change the “Home Table” to the desired table you wish to move the measure(s) to.


The Problem

Going about the task using the standard approach may not be so much of a difficult task, provided you have only one or two measures to move. The problem is when you have multiple measures to move. You just wish you could drag the measure from the current table it resides to the desired location. But this just wouldn’t work. Except..


The Solution

  1. Switch to “Model View”
  2. Drag measure in the “Fields Pane” from the current table to the desired table.

With this dragging technique, you can select multiple measures at the same time by pressing down the Ctrl Key. Then drag once to the desired table.





So, it’s possible to drag and move measures around tables in the “Fields Pane”, it’s not just pronounced.

In my opinion, the need for changing location of measures can be avoided all the way if all new measures start by right-clicking on the destination table or a column in there and selecting the “New Measure” option.

I always recommend creating an empty table where all measures will be housed as this makes it very easy to locate measures, and it also makes intuitive sense.







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