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Find a Power BI Event near you

I was chatting to Phil Seamark (Power BI MVP and Author) recently and Phil suggested that it would be good to create a Power BI report that showed all Power BI Events around the world.  The original idea was to allow MVPs to find events to speak at when travelling.  But this was such a good idea that we decided to extend the concept and make it a whole community tool so that anyone can find a Power BI event in any location.


How It Works

In short, we have created a simple Excel spreadsheet and shared that spreadsheet publicly via OneDrive.  Anyone from the community can edit the source file and add any relevant Power BI event they know of.  This data is then refreshed once each day into the Power BI report so everyone can find the events you add.  The link to maintain the spreadsheet is embedded in the report itself.


The Final Report 

Here is the final report (below). You can also find it at  Take note of the slicer fly out panel on the left of the page.  This is a concept that is used by Amanda Cofsky in many of her offical Power BI reports and it is a great user experience.  If you would like to adopt this technique in your reports, you can read my blog article showning how to build a slicer panel in Power BI


Thanks also to Reid Havens (Power BI MVP) for his skillful beautification of the report.


If you have any suggestions on how to improve the report, please send me a PM.