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Display Label Only on the Last Data Point of the Line Visual for a Trend

Problem Description:

Display label only at the end of the MTD line and display monthly target on all dates.



Sales Data – Daily. Need data label at the end of MTD line

Target Data – Only once per month without Date. Need to display the same amount on all dates

Screenshot 2020-07-24 13.42.45.pngScreenshot 2020-07-27 13.34.28.png

Step :
1. Load data to Power BI

Screenshot 2020-07-27 13.57.37.pngScreenshot 2020-07-27 13.57.55.png


2. Add Date table with Date Key
Date Table:




Date = CALENDAR(date(2013,01,01),date(2018,12,31))
DateKey = FORMAT([date],"YYYYMMDD")





3. Add end Date to Target Table




Date = "01-" &[Order_Month] & "-" &[Years]
End Date = EOMONTH([Date],0)
DateKey = FORMAT([End Date],"YYYYMMDD")




4. Add date key to the sales table also.



DateKey = FORMAT([order Date],"YYYYMMDD")



6. Join both Sales and Target to the date calendar on the Date Key.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 13.58.39.pngScreenshot 2020-07-27 13.58.57.png

7. Create the following measures:



Sales(Net) = sum(Sales[Sales])

Target = SUM(Target[Total])

EOM Target = CLOSINGBALANCEMONTH([Target],'Date'[Date])

MTD Last Day Sales = var _max =maxx(ALLSELECTED('Date'),'Date'[Date])
CALCULATE([MTD Sales],FILTER('Date','Date'[Date]=_max))




8. Plot the line visual under the data label section used customize series option. Hide the label for Sales(Net) and EOM Target. It makes only 2 labels visible that we need at the end of the line.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 14.20.12.png

File at


Screenshot 2020-07-27 14.02.05.png



Let us know what you think about the above suggested method. If there is any other topic in your mind, do not hesitate to reach out to me.


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