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Congratulations to the Featured Data Stories Gallery contributions for June and July!

Thank you for contributing so much in June and July!  For June, we have a winner, and an honorable mention, and for July we have the same!  We'll announce the winners and then show you the honorable mentions.

Let's start with June's Featured Data Story contribution winner: The UN Volunteers Geographic Mobilization Report by Community member AndrewYap. Those who volunteer to help others already understand the challenges with organizing a group of volunteers and ensuring help is mobilized where needed most.  The report is easy to read and for someone like me, the contrast, color scheme and the use of different visuals makes it easy to read and understand the data at a glance.June Data Story.PNG


July's Featured Data Story contribution winner:  Twitter Report by community member Adewale_Yusuf. A great way to see how data changes in the fast paced social media world. The report is easy to read and understand as well as being a helpful guide for making decisions based on engagement. Really like the visuals used.

July Featured REAL ONE.PNG

Honorable mentions are: 

June - Covid-19 NSW Transport Impact   

July -  Handbol - Asobal


We'll reach out to the winners directly!


Next month, be sure to look out for our announcement of the August winner, and we're introducing monthly themes starting in September.  Power BI Community Featured Data Stories Gallery theme for September is "Accessibility"


Looking forward to your awesome contributions! 

Kelly Kaye

Power BI MVP Lead, Power BI User Groups, Webinars, Community