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Combine scorecards spanning multiple workspaces in the same Power BI app

In organizations, it's common to organize Power BI content across multiple workspaces. For instance, various divisions (HR, Finance, Operations etc.) may have one or more workspaces where teams maintain their own scorecards, reports, and datasets. Scorecards are a great way to create a bird's eye view of your company's operational goals and key business metrics. So what if you wanted to create a consolidated view of several scorecards in a single application ?
Traditionally, this is achieved by publishing all the content to one workspace before creating an app out of it. It can be great for consolidation but it may not suit everyone's workflow, since all scorecard owners must now work out of the same workspace. And because contributor permissions are granted at the workspace level, it also means someone who can edit one scorecard can edit any other published artifact as well.


In this tutorial, we will show you how to circumvent this problem and seamlessly include scorecards from across multiple workspaces in the same app.


1) Pick an existing workspace or create a new workspace for your app (anything but "My workspace".)

2) Click Create app.


Note: if it's a new workspace, you will need to add some content first.

3) In the Setup tab, give your app a name and a description. Refer to Publish an app in Power BI for additional information on the available configuration options.

4) We'll now add all the scorecards to the app. Switch to the Navigation tab, and repeat the following steps for each scorecard:


  • Add a new section of type Link


  • Fill in the Name field. This will be the name of the scorecard section in the navigation drawer
  • In the Link field, paste the scorecard's secure embed url . An option to generate this link from the scorecard app bar will soon be made available. For now, you can create it manually by replacing <SCORECARD_ID> in the following url with the actual scorecard id:<SCORECARD_ID>&autoAuth=true 
    Tip: the scorecard id is the last segment of the scorecard url. For instance, if the url is, the scorecard id will be a4fb32dc-2ee1-45ca-a61a-0e858aa6eb6d.
  • Pick Content area for the Open in option (otherwise content will open in a new tab)



5) Embedding scorecards in the app this way will not automatically grant any permission to the underlying artifacts ! Make sure to give read permission to anyone who should have access to the app. The easiest way to do so is by sharing them from the scorecard app bar:



You can now publish your app and share it !