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Checkout these awesome keyboard shortcuts!

Some really amazing keyboard shortcuts are available in Power BI!




@stevedep This is awesome, thank you for sharing!


@stevedep thank you so very much for this!!!


Thank you so much for this! Any extra shortkey saves time.


I really do not understand why there are no shortkeys for "create measure" , "create calculated column" etc.


Does anybody know if they are planning to add shortkeys the same way as in Excel? 

(after hitting the ALT key in Excel, literally every function/formula in Excel has a shortkey, therefore I almost never use the mouse anymore in Excel. It would be great is they develop this for PowerBI as well).


How can I request such a new features>


PS I am really sorry if I post this in the wrong section. I tried to research "request new function in PowerBI" but did not find the right place to post this question.



Hi @Anonymous 

Maybe you can vote and comment this idea with the features you want.

Have an amazing day!


Thanks, I voted and created a new idea for the shortkeys.

Have an awesome day!


Microsoft Idea (

Title of submitted idea:
Create shortkeys for PowerBI Desktop ribbon (similar to Excel after pressing the ALT key)