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Business Ops - The largest collection of Power BI External Tools

The Business Ops installer is a simple desktop application that allows you to easily manage and install all your Power BI External Tools.  The Power BI community has super creative ideas when it comes to External Tools. From clearing the AS Cache, to Swaping Connections between Power BI files


While it is amazing that the community has developed, it is a bit challenging to keep up with all the latest tools. Most people are pushing their code into GitHub, some blog about thier tools, and others make stand alone installers. To me this is causing confusion and a pain to manage and keep everything up to date.  




This is why I developed the Business Ops tool.  One installer to load all the tools you need.  You don't have to worry about updating each of tool since Business Ops will be updated as all tools are released.  Thus, you will get the latest collection of external tools from the community.


If you'd like to get started with Business Ops check out my Download Page.  For more details on how this application works and all that it does check out the offical release post.


We hope you enjoy this free tool.





Hi Mike,

I could not find a signup/login option on the website, so hopefully this will work.

I keep getting a CRC error after downloading Business Ops Setup v 3.0.4 from the website

Installer integrity check failure on installation after unzipping.

Tried 6 or 7 times over the last week or so

Any ideas?


Thanks, Ian

We have since updated Business Ops to a new version, I believe this is fixed as I can not replicate the issue any more.