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Building Multi-language Reports for Power BI in 2023

We're excited about the January session of Power BI Dev Camp because we want to tell you about several new enhancements to Power BI which make it much easier to build multi-language reports. The USERCULTURE function is now fully supported and this essential DAX function provides the ability to write measures which implement report label translations dynamically. There are also several new properties for report visuals and shapes that can be configured to use these measure with dynamic translations. Finally, Power BI released a powerful, new feature named Field Parameters which offer a much better approach to implement data translations.

The Power BI Dev Camp session for January 2023 has been created to provide guidance and to teach campers the skills required to build Power BI reports that support multiple languages. You need to learn a few key concepts about how Power BI translations work and you also need to learn how to automate repetitive tasks that would take forever to complete manually. Once you understand how all the pieces fit together, you’ll be able to build multi-language reports for Power BI using a strategy that is reliable, predictable and scalable.

Prerequisites: Campers must have experience building queries, datasets and reports with Power BI Desktop.

Date and Time: Thursday January 26th at 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST

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Is it enough to have Power BI PPU account?

Thank you beforehand for answer.

Ted, thanks for the multi language update in 2023.  With the updated solution, it is easier for me to get to a star schema in the model, while in the 2021 guidance I ran into model ambiguity that I cannot resolve.  Suspecting the error on my part rather than from the solution. 

I would like to supplement that for the 2023 guidance using Field Parameters as column selector.  There is no direct link in the model relationship.  BUT rest assured, there is a link between the Translated Names (for use in slicers).  Meaning (1) Slicer use Translated Names, (2) in Dax use field from Dim table.

I understood this relationship after I downloaded the PBIX file and reviewed the model relationship, which can be found here.  Below is the schreenshot of the model.

2023 Guidance - Model.png

For Multi Language Report in 2023, as showcased in Power Bi Dev Camp, the guidance is to use Translation Builder 2.0 as a sidekick for building multi language reports.  I am trying to build a report for Greater China, thus requiring to show Traditional and Simplified Chinese for Hong Kong, Taiwan and China (or zh-HK, zh-TW, zh-CN).  BUT, Translation Builder 2.0 only has 1 Chinese option (even after clicking "All Languages").  How do I get 3 columns for different Chinese dialects?  Thanks for your help!    

This question was originally posted in the link below: 

Can we acheive that inside MS Fabric ?