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Berlin map issue in Power BI Desktop

Issue Description:

Broadly speaking, Berlin is the capital of Germany. Currently if users have a city table which includes Berlin, it will show the city in El Salvador in the map visual in Power BI Desktop. We have an ongoing internal investigation on this issue at the moment, and this blog would provide temp workarounds that can avoid this issue.



Test Environment:

OS version: Windows 10 Enterprise x64/Windows 11 Enterprise x64

Power BI Desktop version: Web version 2.100.1401.0 64-bit (December 2021)



Workaround 1:

Users can use previous version of Power BI Desktop to find the location in the map visual normally.

For example: November version of Power BI Desktop (Users can find previous version of Power BI Desktop here)


Workaround 2:

Users can change the Data Category from City to Place or Uncategorized in Column tools.



Workaround 3:

If there is a Country field in the data table, users can put both Country and City fields to create a hierarchy to avoid it.


Workaround 4:

If the data table has Latitudes and Longitudes for the cities, the map visual will show the specific location directly.


I hope this article could help you if you meet the problem.


Author: Yingjie Li

Reviewer: Ula Huang, Kerry Wang