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A Power BI Talk Show. Back to the Radio Age?

20170203_Lets_Talk_PowerBI_PBI_Blog.pngI remember being huddled around the radio, with my family on cold Delhi winters. I felt captivated by the voice coming out of the box. There was no TV back then, certainly no cell-phones, YouTube or Facebook. Radio was the thing. And I enjoyed everything - the news, songs, commentary. But there was one format that really caught my imagination.


Radio Talk Show.


Just imagining that me or any other person could just call in to the show and the whole world could hear us (ok the ones living in radio range, but I didn't know it back then) - that made me tingle with excitement. There was just one problem - we didn't have a phone either 🙂 So I could not call in.


But maybe that fascination with Radio Talk Show persisted somewhere within. And in 2017 when I was looking to go in a new direction and reach more came to me: Maybe I do a Power BI Talk Show!


I started that experiment about a month ago and have held a "Talk Show" call each Friday at 9AM Pacific. And so far, I have to say, I am LOVING IT! And hope to continue each Friday (with some breaks when I travel).


The premise of the show is simple

  • There is NO presentation. The show is about YOU
  • You bring in your questions - anything under the sun around Power BI. Or maybe not directly around Power BI; I love talking about "edge" issues - How to grow your career in BI? How to reduce the friction between IT vs Business? etc. So bring it and we'll just chat. We'll really talk, so make sure your microphone works 🙂

Join us Fridays 9AM Pacific and let's talk Power BI.
Sign up at


Here's a recording from one of the Talk Shows 🙂
Use the links to jump the specific question or watch the whole video below.

01:55 (Erik) Options for publishing Power BI Reports?
12:38 (Pamela) Combine Power BI with Machine Learning?
16:12 (Scott) Publish Power BI solutions to customers without sharing the underlying PBIX file?
29:31 (Jason) How to make sense of Tables, Relationships, Direction, Cross-Filtering etc.. In a large mode...
41:29 (Rob) How can a cloud software company enable their customers to self-serve BI easily?
50:41 (Scott) How can I report on a table with two Date attributes (Person Date-In, Person Date-Out)?



Power On!
- Avi Singh


About Avi Singh

Avi Singh is a Power BI trainer and consultant based out of Seattle. He is a Microsoft MVP, co-author of the top-selling book "Power Pivot and Power BI: An Excel User's Guide" and a regular speaker at conferences and user events.

Avi has personally experienced the transformation and empowerment that Power BI can bring, going from an Excel user to building large-scale Power BI solutions. His mission now is to spread the word and share his knowledge about Power BI.

You can follow him on at or