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25 Days of DAX Fridays Challenge! Are you in?

Welcome to 25 days of DAX Fridays! Challenge, where one DAX puzzle will be available every day for you to solve from the first of December to the 25th of December.


About this challenge

Watch the video to learn how to participate or keep reading!




How it works

Watch the video to access the challenge page and click on the tiles to unlock a new DAX challenge every day!




Download my version of Northwind

I have modified the Northwind dataset slightly to be able to do some of the calculations, so please use my northwind file for the challenge. (available on the 25 days of DAX Fridays! page)



Make sure you read the instructions so you don't have any problem participating.

  • Download MY version of the Northwind dataset here if you want to compare the results.
  • Make sure you refresh the dataset daily and compare the results with mine on the same day.
  • Bonus points if you get the right result on the card as I had to 😉
  • Tweet the solution (not the DAX) with hashtag #25DaysOfDAXFridays and #curbal or post in the video comments.
  • If you don’t manage to solve the challenge, the Power BI solution page will have a link to a video explaining how to calculate it.
  • The level of difficulty will vary, although I have tried to make the questions in such a way that you will be able to solve them with easy or elegant DAX.
  • It is never too late to start the challenge, just do it!
  • Have fun!