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Earn a 50% discount on the DP-600 certification exam by completing the Fabric 30 Days to Learn It challenge.

Community Admin
Community Admin

Please Read First - Career Hub Forum: Get Advice, Get Connected!

🚀 Announcing the Fabric Career Hub Forum! 🚀


Ready to jumpstart your career? Introducing the Fabric Career Hub, carefully crafted for Power BI Data Analysts aspiring to upskill to data engineering tasks and become certified Fabric Analytics Engineers. Live training, skills challenges, exam prep, and group learning enable you to get the skills you need to get certified and earn exam discounts.


But wait, there’s more! The Career Hub forum is your go-to space for an interactive learning experience. Engage with community leaders and Microsoft experts, ask questions, and unblock your learning journey on topics like:


  • Career paths and roles in modern data
  • Fabric learn resources: learn modules, skills challenges, Learn Together, and Learning rooms
  • Fabric certification and exam strategy
  • Career hub announcements
  • Feedback on the Fabric Career Hub and any of its resources


Got technical questions about Fabric? We have forums for each Fabric experience. Post away!



Whether you are a seasoned data professional or just starting your journey in data, the Fabric Career Hub forum is for you. Learn, grow, and support each other!


Take a moment to drop a comment and introduce yourself so we can get to know each other!

Advocate III
Advocate III

Thankfully, my Microsoft Learn profile now reflects the Microsoft Fabric Analytics Engineer certification I earned! With the ongoing AI Skills challenge free certification exam, I plan to tackle the DP-100 Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure next.

Frequent Visitor

I am exicted to be here to take part in, I just finished Fabric Analytics Engineer Challenge 

Hi Bashir,



New Member

Hi All,

I'm a licensed attorney with a Tech PhD and am an avid lover of Power BI and SQL. Despite my many degrees (and continual student loan debt - LOL!), I am always wanting to learn. And learning from others is the best, imho. Nice to meet you.

Hi Sara, this is Tibi. Would you like to be in the team with me in the Fabric Hack Together?

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi All, I've just completed the Fabric Analytics Engineer Challenge and am ready to dig deeper in learning more about Fabric and hopefully land a job with it! 😃

In my case, I went ahead and already took the DP-600 beta exam for the Microsoft Certified: Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification three weeks. For it, there are already practice questions available. I'm also participating in the Hack Together: The Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hack event which hopefully will result in something that I can present in Github. I hope to give a talk or two based on my experiences with both.


Hi can you please post link to take DP-600 beta exam, thank you

Glad to hear you took the beta exam. I hope you get positive news in early March, once results are shared! How was your experience? Would love to get feedback if you feel comfortable sharing.

Thanks for your interest in learning on my beta experience. It turns out it was the first certification exam I have ever taken and had no idea what to expect. To prepare for the exam, given that there were no practice assessment questions available until recently, I reviewed all the suggested Learning Paths in the certification webpage as well as the modules of a Fabric Analytics Engineer challenge I had completed earlier.


Anyway, my exam took place in a testing center. I was given erasable pad and marker that I didn't end up using. The desktop PC where I took my exam had a couple of tools available: calculator and access the Microsoft Learn documents. The latter was quite a surprise and very useful because, while I probably could answer about half of the questions that I was sure about the answer without consulting it, the other half, I needed to consult the documents given that I had the answer down to between two options and it was a matter of a small detail that made one or the other the correct option.


Regarding question format, I first had two use cases that had some details about the current environment and expected solution for them. Each had 5 questions each. The remainder of the questions where either single questions that had a single answer, a predetermined number of answers or you had to choose among all options the correct ones, other that had a paragraph of concepts or code and you had to select among several answers (either matching in amount the number of blanks or having one more possible answer)  and then there were some that gave you a scenario and you had to other the given steps to solve the problem (this I found the hardest among all of them).


I think I did better on the questions involved code that I expected, but was surprised that there were at least 6 questions that involved the External Tools of Power BI.


The exam took about 2 hours and 59 questions total. I marked some questions to return to later. Since I finished my first run with about 5 minutes left, I proceeded to answer or give a second look to those I had marked. I finished with about 40 seconds to spare. It has been a while since I have been so mentally drained 😰 ... You are given a chance to give some feedback on the exam questions but I skipped that part for obvious reasons.


Finally, the last screen before I left said I would get the results in two weeks, which seems to have been a mistake. As I understand, my actual result could take up to 12 weeks. I will surely get them by the time the exam becomes official.



Frequent Visitor

I'm excited to be part of this and ready to level up my skills 💪

New Member

I'm thrilled about all of this! As a passionate Power BI enthusiast, I can't wait to dive into learning and collaborating with Fabric! 🤩

Super User
Super User

Hello @riccarrasco and the Fabric Career Hub Community!

🌟 I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Fabric Career Hub Forums! 🌟

Thank you for creating such a supportive and enriching space. I can't wait to start this journey with all of you in the Fabric Career Hub!

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