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Corrects required in Learning docs practical exercise? Analyze data with Apache Spark



When completing the Practical Exercise for "Analyze data with Apache Spark", there appears to be two corrections required:


1. At the top of the exercise, we filter by 2019 data. However, when we plot the charts further down the exercise, we are doing group by year's and some of the charts would work best if there was more than a single year (e.g. the Seaborn ones at bottom of exercise don't show a line for the data between order years, as the data is limited to 2019 at the top of the exercise).

2. In the section "Visualise data with Spark" there is a reference in one of the code blocks to "df_sales". However, we get asked to replace that code with anotehr code block that removed the line  creating that variable i.e. "df_sales = df_spark.toPandas()". Thus if you are running the replacement code, without having gone through the course steps in sequence, it throws errors. I fixed this by adding in the "df_sales = df_spark.toPandas()" line back in. But seems like the course's suggested code needs updating to avoid others coming across the same problem.


I wasn't sure where to post this feedback for possible "MS Learning" course correction suggestions.






Thanks for sharing this feedback!

We've updated the exercise last week and you should be able to proceed without error now. Feedback is always welcome here. 

You can also "Leave Feedback" on the specific web page on, which is sent to content developers to resolve.  

Community Admin
Community Admin

Ed, thank you for the feedback! We'll make sure that the team that writes these labs gets it and actions it as soon as possible. 

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